An Indian Palaeolithic Archaeologist.  In Pune, at Deccan College, since 1976.   A long journey from student to soon-to-retire faculty. I have opinions on most aspects of the Indian Palaeolithic, and if people don’t agree its because I have done more work on the subject than them!


3 Responses to About

  1. sushama says:

    very nice picture. waiting for more and more original ideas. all the best

  2. S. B. Ota says:

    Recent dates from Attirampakkam by Shanti Pappu really encourages us to look into our recent discoveries at Tikoda more carefully. I do agree we will have to re-study many of the evidences to re-write our early history.

    S. B. Ota

  3. Hi Sheila,

    Am posted in Pune and now following your blog. Your questions are interesting, the subject is interesting but I don’t have the necessary background to understand various terms. A few suggestions :
    * Perhaps you could provide a prefacing paragraph bringing the issue into perspective.
    * Perhaps key terms could be hyper-linked to Wikipedia so that we could understand them.
    * There are very few images. more will bring this blog to life.
    * Perhaps you could provide links to pdfs of the inline referencing? Especially your own!

    Keep blogging. I’m happy you are doing this, though I’m still not quite “getting” what you write.

    Ashwin Baindur a.k.a.

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